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    Ek Aadmi at medical shop… February 24, 2017

    Ek Aadmi medical shop par Zeher lene gya.. aadmi : ek zehar ki bottle dena Dukandar: Bina Parchi k...read more

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    Smart Son February 24, 2017

    Once a Mother beats up her son and when son starts crying, Mother says sorry. Smart Son says :...read more

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    He is the one who….. MARRIED Laila February 24, 2017

    LADIES SPECIAL..????? Or…., GENTS SPECIAL….???????? A newly appointed docter visits the mental hospital. He sees a patient with torn...read more

  • Mother to Honey
    Mother to Honey December 9, 2016

    Mother to Honey: “how was your exam, is all questions difficult?” Honey: “No mom, all the questions were very...read more