Six Hats Thinking By Edward De Bono


Edward De Bono was designed Six Hats Thinking process for groups to plan thinking processes. Change one thought to another thought using this method to create innovative minds. He is physician, psychologist, philosopher, author, inventor.

White = Data information, Information Missing, Questions, Gaps, Needs, Listening.

Red = Feelings, Hunches, Intuitions, Emotions.

Block = Logical Negative, Does not Fit (Facts, Experience, policy, system, Ethics), Caution, Critical, Weaknesses and Risk Assessment, Natural.

Yellow  =  Logical Positive , Feasibility, Benefits, Values, Advantages, Savings, Make it work.

Green = Creative, New Ideas, Possibilities, Provocations, Alternatives, Micro-Climate.

Blue = Thinking, Subject, Content of thinking, Imagination, Analyzing.

Author: go123